Projecting projects

So this is ‘my’ project, birthed from the water restrictions and a garden with more lawn than needed! So it has no cover page and no list of references! The list of collaborators is long- Devillers our magic fingers gardener, Brandan, Kai,Ella and Speedy and now it’s populated by plants and pots and trinkets from dear family and friends! Other collaborators are the sun, wind, rain and soil, the soccer balls that sometimes bump and the feet that don’t always land on the stumps! It was an idea now a growing, breathing, life giving part of all our days and it started as a project…my wish is that this is what a project could be in school- meaningful, relationship building, conversation creating, silence provoking- there will be no marks ever!image


About Rose-Anne Reynolds

I am a Full-Time PhD Student at the University of Cape Town, with research interests in the Philosophy of Child and Childhood. I am passionate about inclusion, children, philosophy with children, embracing diversity, multilingualism, tolerance, joy and love in abundance.
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