Be brave, be kind, but be true! The children know, they really do!

Dear Teachers
When thinking about what to celebrate about a child in your class – if they are going to receive a certificate at a year end ceremony if the citation seems kinder than necessary then it’s probably just right! I have worked with thousands of children in my life and none of them are going home everyday to a perfect home, where they are affirmed for being amazing every second of the day! 

Our children live with loss, disappointment, fear, grief, anger, the knowledge that crime is real and can and does affect their families and communities. They live with the loss of loved ones through slow, painful illnesses. They live with the struggle of not knowing how to be be a good friend or having someone not being a good friend to them. Some of our children struggle with reading, being organized, with sharing their thoughts on paper or memorizing the facts for a test. Some really struggle to sit quietly in class for one minute some struggle to sit quietly for anything longer than one minute. They know and feel their shortcomings, sometimes it’s loud and clear like the clanging of two symbols when their inadequacies are laid bare and other times it’s a slow beating of a drum….so dear teachers write a citation on their certificate that is true….that resonates with their souls, that can be smiled at from deep within – Please. To those of you who get this right thank you. For those of you who are learning…. Thank you for trying. 
Ps. Children know when adults are lying or being insincere- I believe that they have known this since the beginning of time- so give them the benefit of the doubt- be brave – be kind-but be true.đź’›


About Rose-Anne Reynolds

I am a Full-Time PhD Student at the University of Cape Town, with research interests in the Philosophy of Child and Childhood. I am passionate about inclusion, children, philosophy with children, embracing diversity, multilingualism, tolerance, joy and love in abundance.
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2 Responses to Be brave, be kind, but be true! The children know, they really do!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for another inspiring and true blog!!!


  2. Kim Botha says:

    Beautifully put, Rose-Anne


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