Do you have a question about inclusion?

Do something! Stop waiting and contending with what is.  Make a plan. Ask a question. Attend a workshop. Present a workshop. Ask some questions. Learn more. Question assumptions. Don’t accept the status quo. Ask even more questions.Try something new. Have a trial run.

Yes, children with special needs can be included at mainstream schools, we will never know what level of support every child needs until we try. It is not good enough to say no we have never done that, that reason may be the best reason to try.
At our workshop on Inclusion today *we asked the participants… “Do you have a question about inclusion?” If you have a question it means you care enough to want to find out more! Do you have a question about inclusion? Ask me, ask your friend with special needs what they would have needed at school, ask your family member with a child with special needs what works and what doesn’t? 

Remember we don’t ask questions just to get answers…we ask questions to start a conversation,to challenge and be challenged, to find out more about what we don’t know and to question the assumptions about what we think we know!

*Michele de Lange and I are running a five week course, for two hours every Thursday on Inclusion for Naptosa (National Professional Teachers’ Association of South Africa)


About Rose-Anne Reynolds

I am a Full-Time PhD Student at the University of Cape Town, with research interests in the Philosophy of Child and Childhood. I am passionate about inclusion, children, philosophy with children, embracing diversity, multilingualism, tolerance, joy and love in abundance.
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2 Responses to Do you have a question about inclusion?

  1. Michele says:

    Thank you for always encouraging us to ask questions and thank you for helping us to find possibilities together. Together we can achieve fantastic heights where the sky is just the beginning:)

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