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The curriculum is just a guide…

The curriculum is just a guide…children go to school to learn far more than the curriculum…. Children come to school to experience … Joy Disappointment Excitement Boredom Noise Silence Togetherness Aloneness Quiet Solitude Compassion Empathy Kindness They come to school … Continue reading

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A plea to all schools…open your hearts and then your doors will open – Inclusion is love!

  Once a week at least, I meet with or get an email, or a phone call from a parent- a mother or a father…asking to meet or for a telephonic consultation… And we meet and chat about the possibility of … Continue reading

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Do you have a question about inclusion?

Do something! Stop waiting and contending with what is.  Make a plan. Ask a question. Attend a workshop. Present a workshop. Ask some questions. Learn more. Question assumptions. Don’t accept the status quo. Ask even more questions.Try something new. Have … Continue reading

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Some lessons learned about inclusion from a road trip through South Africa

We recently went on a road trip through South¬†Africa which allowed me many different spaces and places to introspect and reflect on inclusion. We met such incredible people along the way and it was wonderful to chat to them even … Continue reading

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